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These are the services I most commonly provide to clients. Click on Services and select How I Work to find out more about how I work and how I charge for these services.


Skill-building Workshops

I do  presentations and workshops for people who build instruction on actionable tactics from training research, learning research, information design principles, usability principles, and user experience principles. You need to know these to get the best possible outcomes from learning, training, and performance solutions.


  • Analyzing performance problems and needs

  • Designing with and not against human memory constraints and attributes

  •  Writing learnable instruction

  •  Designing needed practice activities and feedback

  •  Making digital media work for learning

  •  Writing valuable multiple-choice questions

I prefer to do workshops that are blended (can include face-to-face, asynchronous reading and modules, synchronous q&A/application/ problem analysis sessions, one-on-feedback on deliverables, discussions, and so on. This allows people time to process and adequately practice what they are learning. And it allows me to walk-the-talk! Typical blended sessions last from a few days to two or three weeks (common), to half a year.


I can offer large quantities of my books at much lower costs than individual copies when used for these workshops.


I also bring these workshops to conferences along with the potential to add pre and post-workshops content and discussions to extend the learning and application.


Presentations and Webinars

I do presentations and webinars on the topics listed in the previous section for teams and conference sessions. These are aimed at people who build instruction and who want to use actionable tactics from training research, learning research, information design principles, usability principles, and user experience principles. Presentations can be in-person or via webinar/virtual classroom tools.


Typical presentations and webinars are 75 to 90 minutes and include discussion and application exercises.


I often work with organizations to evaluate their existing training and with vendors to evaluate how their products support the most essential goals of instruction and performance support. These engagements often include written documentation of what works well and what could use improvement and why/how. 


Targeted Guidance and Advice (Master Classes)

I work with workplace learning leaders, instructional designers, and experts to gain needed knowledge and skills in research-driven instructional design. These Master Classes typically occur over periods of four months to a year, and include working on actual work projects, using asynchronous and synchronous communication methods, real projects, readings, and feedback from me and others. Often, six to twelve people are involved in each Master Class.


Quick Help

I meet virtually (Skype, Voxer, join.me, etc.) with people and companies who don't need in-depth or long-term help to help them with questions about their own situation. I can help you with your situation and offer guidance on best ways to get where you are going. Here are some common questions:


  • What instructional tactics work best for _______?​

  •  What does research says works best for _______?​


Prepare to give me background information, because your specific situation, needs, and constraints can make a large difference in the insights and help I offer. 


Research and Surveys

I have a great deal of experience and expertise in the design and analysis of surveys, especially for learning. I can help you get better results from these efforts. 


Analysis of Learning and Performance Needs

Research clearly shows that training is only one of the things that influence performance. Doesn’t it make sense to start by finding out what will solve the problem? Training may not be what’s needed. Or if it is needed, it’s important to find out what else is needed so you can get desired results.

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