To help people who build instruction for adults gain critical skills, I facilitate blended online courses using self-paced and live elements. These courses allow participants to apply learning sciences and other evidence to get better outcomes from instruction. These courses offer actionable, easy-to-apply tactics, hands-on practice, and feedback. 

Write Better Multiple-Choice Questions

Too many multiple-choice questions measure recall of course content rather than achievement of (well-written) learning objectives. Too many multiple-choice questions frustrate participants and make assessments and results less valid.

Multiple-choice questions are hard to write well. In this course, Patti teaches the tactics for writing learning objectives and multiple-choice questions that measure them. 

This course is available in a public format or delivered to your organization.

Design for Needed Results

COMING SOON: Designing relevant workplace instruction must start with knowing what results are needed. Our organizations cannot deal with us throwing content onto the wall to see what sticks.

Knowing what results are needed focuses design on getting needed results from the get-go. This course helps you get very precise about the results needed from instruction. It helps you use this precision to design content, activities, and assessments specifically to deliver these results.

In Development

  • Write for Clarity and Comprehension

  • Assess  and Fix Understanding 

  • Select Online Instructional Tools

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This course has an expert facilitator, top-notch resource materials, well-designed practice activities, in-depth research on the topic, and lively discussion both live and online. We explored not just the How of writing good multiple choice questions, but also the Why. Perfect timing! My new project includes a summative assessment, and I'm excited to apply what I learned.

Kim Lindsey, Lead Learning Experience Designer, Cinécraft, Cleveland

Patti provided me with comprehensive research to practice guides, interactive class sessions, and robust practice experiences to foster the critical skill set of writing substantive multiple-choice questions to assess actual learner performance.  I strongly encourage everyone involved with performance assessment to take Patti's illuminating and enriching course.

Andrew Muccio, Instructional Designer, Honolulu , Hawaii

  • Write for Conciseness and Clarity

  • Better Learning Results Using Media



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