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People regularly ask me to help them implement key evidence-based tactics for their courses. To efficiently and effectively meet these needs, I decided to deliver blended courses. The first one is ready and more are coming. Please help me get out the word!

Write Learning Assessments-Online

Too many multiple-choice questions are unclear. They frustrate people who try to answer them and make results less valid. Too many multiple-choice questions measure only recall of course content, which is not usually what we need to measure. We must write questions so they effectively measure achievement of the learning objectives.


Research shows that good multiple-choice questions are. Difficult. To. Write. Well. Until you know the secrets, of course, and practice using them. This is exactly what my new Write Learning Assessments for Deeper Learning course will teach you. Quickly.


I designed this course specifically for workplace learning professionals and others who need to write valid job-related assessments. This includes instructional designers, trainers, instructors, content experts, technical writers, and others.


My Write Learning Assessments for Deeper Learning course is equivalent to a 3-day classroom workshop, but is spread out over 3 weeks to give you more time to process and practice. And it’s online, so no travel or travel expenses, and you get better access to me and your classmates!


The course includes:

  • 4 live online sessions with me and your classmates on important insights, problems, commonly asked questions, and practice issues

  • Asynchronous discussions to ask and discuss questions and share practice

  • Feedback from me and your classmates

  • My assessment-writing manual (only available through this course)

  • A master job aid to help you write more effective multiple-choice questions

  • And much more!

-Praise for Write Learning Assessments

Multiple-choice questions are everywhere in learning, but they can be fiendishly difficult to write well.   Nobody is doing a better job than Patti of distilling out research-based principles for writing well, and turning them into practical, actionable guidelines. Highly recommended.

- Julie Dirksen, author, Design for How People Learn

This training gave me insight into the many factors involved in creating effective multiple-choice questions. It has prepared me to better advise instructors on whether multiple-choice questions are the best tool, and how they can be crafted to generate reliable, valid data. Course participant contributions created a robust conversation and led to many insights.

- Anna Landes Benz, program and faculty developer, Private university, MN, USA

I joined Patti’s course this July and loved it! Her content matches her facilitation; both excellent. I would totally recommend it.

- Taruna Goel, Learning & Performance Specialist, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The weekly live sessions opened my mind and upped my question-writing game. Patti knows her topic and added the wow factor that I was looking for by offering real-time feedback to participants. Comments from other participants helped me see different perspectives. I strongly recommend this course for anybody who must create multiple-choice question learning assessments.

- Peter Sage, Trainer, iLAB, South Africa

Patti’s course on writing assessments has been invaluable in helping me write effective, credible assessments for my online learning courses and assessments. There is a wealth of well-researched detail about what exactly goes into writing an effective multiple-choice question and how these questions relate to the bigger picture of effective learning. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to make their learning more effective as well as anyone who needs to write effective assessments.
- Nick Tchan, instructional designer, NSW Health, Australia

Courses Coming Soon

The following research-driven online instructional writing courses are in current development and will be available soon.

  • Write Job-focused Learning Objectives

  • Write Feedback for Multiple-choice Questions

  • Write How-to Instructions

  • Write for Conciseness and Clarity


Our online training typically consists of asynchronous elements (such as videos, manuals, job aids, and discussion forums) combined with synchronous elements (such as virtual classroom and Q&A sessions). We walk our talk by designing specifically to build needed job skills for workplace learning practitioners. Our courses intentionally have limited enrollment to maximize interaction, support, and guidance.

If you want to know when these and other courses become available, get on our email list by filling in the form at the top of the page. If you have questions or have a team to train, contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page. We would love to help you gain valuable skills!

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Patti's Write Learning Assessments course starts January 20, 2020! Find out more!

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