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In order to help you get the best results, I read, analyze, and write about evidence-based learning.  I share these approaches in my books for workplace learning practitioners, instructors, and content experts! These books supply actionable, easy-to-apply tactics that can be used immediately! If you want bulk (discounted) copies of the books, contact me using the contact form below.

Front cover of Write Better Multiple-Choice Questions to Assess Learning book


This book describes how to write well-written learning objectives that explain what we should assess, and write multiple-choice questions that assess important knowledge and skills in the learning objectives.


It offers many examples, exercises, and job aids to make adoption of these tactics easier. The book is written for anyone who needs to write effective multiple-choice questions to assess important skills.

Download the table of contents and short excerpts.

Download Sharon Boller's Introduction.

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These are Patti's other recent books. You can get more information and purchase them on Amazon internationally.

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