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How to help people learn when job skills regularly change with Ray Jimenez

Patti talks about how we can we deliver content that is easy to comprehend and apply and how we can help people gain expertise.

The Ask Questions Episode

Matt Richter, Will Thalheimer, and I discuss asking effective questions to drive deeper learning including mistakes made when developing test questions and how to fix them.

Diving into Deeper Learning with Dr. Patti Shank

Celisa Steele and I discuss what it means to design for deeper learning, how to effectively use feedback and practice, and what learning designers need to keep in mind when it comes to memory and cognitive load. 

Writing Quality Multiple Choice Questions – Theories, Tips, and the Titanic

Stacy Craft and I discuss what it takes to create quality multiple choice questions, how to validate them, and why it is so important to outcomes.

IDIODC Podcast: Applying Research Driven Tactics With Special Guest Patti Shank

I discuss research tactics with Brent Schlenker and Chris Van Wingerden. 

Questionmark Presentation: Writing Multiple-choice Questions to Effectively Measure Outcomes

Live session on how to measure the right outcomes with multiple-choice questions for Questionmark

Debate at Online Educa Berlin 2018

This is the plenary debate at Online Educa Berlin 2018 on whether all learning should be fun. I argued against. 

Presentation at Learning Technologies 2018 UK

Mirjam Neelen and I presented a session at Learning Technologies 2018 UK on the accelerating changes happening with work and what L&D must do to help organizations remain viable. 

Good Practice podcast with Ross Garner and Owen Ferguson

In this podcast with the team at GoodPractice, we discuss the use of learning technologies, improving instructional practice, and, uh, the space program. Click on the image to listen.



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