Below are some of my presentations and podcast recordings.

Patti on Truth in Learning podcast

Matt Richter, Will Thalheimer, and I discuss asking effective questions to drive deeper learning including mistakes made when developing test questions and how to fix them.

Patti on Learning and Skills Group webinar

Live session for the Learning and Skills Group about what research says about writing for instruction.

Patti on Celisa Steele podcast

Celisa Steele and I discuss what it means to design for deeper learning, how to effectively use feedback and practice, and what learning designers need to know about memory and cognitive load. 

Patti on Online Educa debate 2018

Big debate at Online Educa Berlin 2018 on whether all learning should be fun. I argued against the idea and against Elliott Masie. Guess who won?

The video starts with my argument but consider watching the whole thing!

Patti on Questionmark webinar

Live session on how to measure the right outcomes with multiple-choice questions for Questionmark.

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