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Need better results from training? I help you apply targeted,          scientifically-proven tactics that deliver needed results.

Too much training lacks the elements needed to learn, remember, and apply. Too much instruction actually makes it harder to learn! Not okay!


Here's the thing. Research points us to tactics that are proven and improve outcomes. Research may be hard to read (I love it but I’m weird) but the tactics are easy to apply. So, I apply research-driven tactics from training, cognition, educational psychology, information design, usability, and other fields. I explain and show these concise, actionable, and easy-to apply tactics in my books and courses. And of course, I use them myself! 

I can help you immediately begin to apply these tactics through my books and courses.


Here are a few comments about my books.


This is the book I wish I had back when I was recruiting and developing instructional writers. Based on science, her book presents clear and urgent advice.

Will Thalheimer, PhD, President, Work-Learning Research, Inc.


Patti’s book is packed with practical, straight-forward techniques for making your instructional prose effective, efficient and impactful.

Karl Kapp, Ed.D., Professor, Instructional Technology Bloomsburg University, and author of The Gamification of Learning and Instruction.


This is a must-have for anyone who writes instructional content. She practices what she preaches and offers incredibly useful tactics and job aids.

Mirjam Neelen, Learning Experience Manager


Patti has diligently combed through the research evidence to extract the most useful guidelines. ... an invaluable contribution to the field of learning and development.

Julie Dirksen, Author, Design for How People Learn, and Learning Strategist, Usable Learning


Patti uses research to cut through all the fads and trends, so we can focus our efforts on strategies and tactics proven to make a difference. She puts it into practical terms.
Diane, Elkins, Co-founder of Artisan E-Learning and E-Learning Uncovered

Online Courses

I design and facilitate online courses to help people learn and apply some of the most critical tactics. You can't afford to not learn and apply these tactics...It makes sense and cents. 

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