If you need better training outcomes, do what works.

When designing instruction, it's critical that we:

  • Write content that is easy to understand and use.

  • Create learning experiences that work with and not against memory.

  • Use tools and technologies that work well for different instructional purposes.

  • Include learning activities that support learning and application.

  • Write well-written multiple-choice questions that appropriately assess understanding, knowledge, and skills.

Research points to clear and actionable tactics that improve outcomes. Let me help you apply these clear and actionable tactics to your instruction through my courses, books, and consulting services. Get your learning and performance solutions on track.


Hands-on online courses that teach essential learning design skills. 


Tactics shown to improve learning and performance outcomes. 


I can help you improve your learning and performance outcomes. 

Some of the projects I'm working on right now...

  • Helping multiple organizations write valuable and valid multiple-choice assessments

  • Reading research on the use of video for digital learning so I can write a series for eLearning Industry

  • Discussing what works on podcasts and Twitter


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