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If you need better training outcomes, do what works.

Patti onscreen at Online Educa debate 2018

Research points to clear and actionable tactics to improve learning outcomes. Let me help you apply these actionable tactics to your instruction through my courses, books, and consulting services. Get your learning and performance solutions on track.

My deepest areas of interest and expertise:

  • Writing learning objectives to describe needed outcomes

  • Multiple-choice questions that assess whether needed outcomes have been achieved

  • Instructional writing for better comprehension and application

  • Best uses of asynchronous (on-demand) and synchronous (live) digital learning modalities

  • Design of digital and blended instruction to achieve needed outcomes

Write Better Multiple-Choice Questions to Assess Learning book

This much awaited new book is now available on Amazon internationally, in print and Kindle versions. See the book:

This book describes how to write well-written learning objectives that explain what we should assess, and write multiple-choice questions that assess important knowledge and skills in the learning objectives.


It offers many examples, exercises, and job aids to make adoption of these tactics easier. The book is written for anyone who needs to write effective multiple-choice questions to assess important skills.

Download the table of contents and short excerpts.



Front cover: Write Better Multiple-Choice Questions to Assess Learning book

Write Better Multiple-Choice Questions to Assess Learning course

This highly rated, self-paced online course is available for individuals and teams. It includes:

  • A digital copy of Patti’s new book

  • Extensive online content, practice activities, and check your understanding quizzes 

  • Nine videos, including critical learning objectives and multiple-choice question concepts

  • Asynchronous discussions to ask questions and get answers from Patti.


Get more information about this highly rated course.



Write Better Multiple-Choice Questions course player with video playing

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