If you need better training outcomes, do what works.

Are you making any of these critical training mistakes?

  • Writing content that is hard to understand and use

  • Creating learning experiences that overload memory

  • Using the wrong tools to support critical learning interactions

  • Including too few or the wrong types of learning activities

  • Writing invalid multiple-choice questions

Here's the good news. Research points to clear and actionable tactics that improve outcomes. We can include what’s needed and not overwhelm people with what isn’t needed. We can deliver better, more efficient, and more relevant instruction and support. We can use tools and technologies that work best for different instructional purposes. And we can stop creating problems!

Let me help you apply these clear and actionable tactics to your instruction through my courses, books, and consulting services. Get your learning and performance solutions on track.


Hands-on online courses that teach essential learning design skills. 


Tactics shown to improve learning and performance outcomes. 


I can help you improve your learning and performance outcomes. 

I have always been impressed with Patti's expertise and professionalism. Her research-based approach will give you the confidence that what she recommends and designs is based on evidence, not opinion. With that, she's very pragmatic and focuses on what needs to be done. Last but not least, she's just a very nice person and a delight to work with. 

Mirjam Neelen, Learning Advisory Manager


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