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Below are people who are familiar with my work. If you are considering working with me and want to talk to people I have worked with previously, let me know. I'll put you in touch.

I have had the privilege of knowing Patti for over a decade, and aside from being widely known as a global expert in Learning & Development, she is also one of the most authentic and caring individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting. Patti truly wants to help people. Combine that with her prowess as a researcher, intellectual, and author, and you'll find she's an obvious path to success. Work with Patti - you won't regret it.​

If  you truly care about your employees and understand how important it is for them to improve their performance through effective learning and training, Patti is your go-to person. I have worked with Patti on various projects and have always been impressed with her expertise and professionalism. Her research-based approach will give you the confidence that what she recommends and designs is based on evidence, not opinion. With that, she's very pragmatic (no wishy-washy 'stuff', just a focus on what needs to be done). She's also a superstar when it comes to making complex concepts tangible and applicable (useful when you'd hire her for problem analysis, design, facilitating workshops, and, well, many more). Last but not least, she's just a very nice person and a delight to work with. 

Patti has done an amazing job of taking academic research and making it really easy to apply in workplace learning. It's a really significant piece of work that she's doing and it could be quite transformational for L&D.

I’ve worked with Patti on several research reports. I have found her very focused and diligent about the quality of the research, and personable to interact with. I respect her skills and knowledge, as well as how she conducts herself as an editor, researcher, and person.​

Patti is a recognized expert and thought leader in the field of instructional technology. She is an accomplished writer, researcher, presenter, and instructional designer. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Patti on a variety of projects over the last two years and each time we work together I learn more from her. Her enthusiasm for what she does is refreshing and contagious and her work is always of the highest quality. I look forward to future opportunities to partner with Patti.​

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