People ask where to find the best learning people and resources. There are many online resources but too many of them are of questionable quality and self-serving, I am sad to admit. For instance, a lot of people are selling neuro-this and brain-based-that. Research tells us we simply do not know much from neuroscience that can be applied to learning (yet). There are now sites catering to debunking this fakery. Here's one: Neurobollocks. Then there are people selling millennial-based blah-blah-blah: Contradicted by research. I wrote an article debunking this nonsense.


What is real and valuable to learning and development comes from psychology, cognitive sciences, usability, computer science, information design, and other sciences. When people try to trick you with fake science or inflated terminology, that's not much different than lying, in my book.


I curate what I believe are some of the best-of-the-best people and resources. I have worked with the individual people listed personally and can recommend them because their work is solid and they care about real results. They are in no particular order.


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