Work with me

How I work

If you have a specific project in mind, let’s talk about what you need. If I am not the right person or am too busy, I have an extensive network of the very best people in the field. I can help you find the right help.

I try very hard to teach my clients as we I work together so they can do a more after our projects are done. 

If a project looks big, we often start with a small initial project that helps us determine the scope to reduce surprises. We also like doing quick prototypes to determine what will work best in the situation. Doing iterations with small prototypes is far cheaper than building something expensive and finding out the ways in which it doesn’t meet the need. 

We are small, nimble, business-savvy, and experienced. We think: How can we get needed results and not waste resources?

What I charge

My rate depends on length of engagement and travel costs (if any). I'm totally transparent. Ask me. I take care of others' resources as if they were my own.

I don’t nickel-and-dime people. Call me when you have a question—The meter isn’t running. Things work better when we communicate regularly.

For small and medium-sized projects, I bill by the hour when working virtually or by the day if I am onsite. For long-term work, I provide a significant discount for retainer projects (automatic payments for 10+ hours/month of work for a minimum of six months). I can only take a few of these at a time so ask if I have room if you are interested.

Oh, and if my clients aren’t happy, I make it right. Ask them.