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More joy, more health, more tomorrows.

I eat a low- carb, nutritionally dense diet because my blood glucose is higher than normal (a lot of people would find that theirs is also, they just don’t know it) and this is the best way to keep it as low as possible. Sure, I like potatoes, pasta, rice, and bread, but if I ate them, I’d become diabetic. I’d rather stay healthy.

I’ve learned how to make amazing foods that are low-carb and delicious. You can too. Most of the recipes at these sites are also grain and gluten free… but check each recipe if that matters to you. Many of these folks also sell cookbooks and eBooks. Buy them if you like their recipes so they can continue to support your health!


Just found Kim’s site but it look’s awesome.

Satisfying Eats

Melissa’s recipes have a southern bent and are generally quite yummy. She tends to use stevia and a touch of coconut sugar over artificial sweeteners.

DJ Foodie

DJ is a chef. His recipes are good and, if you want recipes men will like, this is a great place to get them. His Ham and Cheddar Muffins ( are one of mine and my son’s favs.

All Day I Dream About Food

I think Carolyn’s site is my favorite. Check out her Low Carb Caramel Sauce: Oh my!

I Breathe I’m Hungry

Great recipes at Melissa’s site. I have made quite a few of them.

Ditch the Wheat

I’ve tried a number of Carol’s great recipes.

Up Late Anyway

Some great recipes. I need to try her pizza crust.

Fluffy Chix Cook

This site is new to me, but I love the Mile High Keto Biscuits ( so much that I’m now trying some of their other recipes.

Low Carbing Among Friends

Very good low-carb, gluten free cookbooks.

I have a lot of low-carb recipe boards on Pinterest

Places to buy low-carb ingredients:


Honeyville almond flour, oat fiber, coconut flour



Shoreline Fruit—1-lb unsweetened dried cranberries nuts, nut flours, coconut flour

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