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Thank you for coming to my website! Writing, sharing, providing tools to help others, and interacting with you is truly a joy. It’s very important that you feel that I am trustworthy. I believe in full disclosure and chose to be transparent about how I earn money.

How I Earn Money on PattiShank.com

I have typically earned a living as a consultant and writer/author. I developed this site to explain what I can do and to provide services to people who want help with their instruction but who may not be hiring me directly. This is a way to offer some of my more than 25+ years of organizational learning experience to content experts, trainers, instructors, and others. 

If you have any questions about what I am doing, don't hesitate contacting me at Patti AT PattiShank DOT com.


The Federal Trade Commission released new rules for Disclosure Compliance in March of 2013 (See:http://www.ftc.gov/sites/default/files/attachments/press-releases/ftc-staff-revises-online-advertising-disclosure-guidelines/130312dotcomdisclosures.pdf).

These rules were set up to ensure that readers know when people receive any compensation from links, ads, codes contained in links, or by sharing products or services. In compliance with FTC guidelines, please assume that I could be receiving compensation for posting links, ads, codes, or by sharing products or services on this site.

I may accept this type of compensation to support the hours I spend researching, blogging, and other activities that are unpaid. No compensation has or ever will impact my opinion on any subject. My opinion is not for sale. If I post a link or discuss a product or service, it is something I personally use. If a company sends me something to review, I will disclose that in the review.


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