Patti Shank, PhD, CPT has 20+ years of experience with performance and learning analysis, instructional design, the science of learning, and working with individual and organizational problems.

She has worked as director of research for The eLearning Guild and served as the head of health education and training for a healthcare system. As president of Learning Peaks LLC, she has provided learning and performance solutions for government, NGOs, corporations, nonprofits, and higher education. She has collaborated with content experts at Adobe, Oracle, Fidelity Information Systems, The Denver Hospice, Morgan Stanley, Hunter Douglas, Kaiser Permanente, HOMER Energy, The University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and California State University and other industry leaders.

Google “Patti Shank, PhD,” look up her articles on ATD and Learning Solutions, and read about her books on Amazon. You’ll notice a theme. She’s deeply engaged in learning, helping achieve better outcomes from work, and using research to make organizations better and more productive places to work.

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