And then my email stopped working (how to get to tier 2 quickly)


Last week I had migraines that wouldn't stop. I get a few migraines a week, but typically they come and go. I tell you this (in case you don't already know) not because I want you to feel sorry for me, but because it's one of my "things." Something to live and deal with on an ongoing basis.

Then my email stopped working. I got some email but not all. If you have migraines, you know this is not the best time for troubleshooting, but if you work for yourself, that's too bad.

I use Google Apps for Business so I hopped onto a support call. One of the things I so appreciate about Google Apps support is they are nice and they don't seem to be reading a script. But because I'm reasonably technical, it's rare for the first person I talk to to come up with "the answer." (Universal these days for Tier 1 for any service?)  We futzed around with some settings, but nothing changed. No joy. He put the problem off for a day. Another day without email. Same the next day. I had to tell people to contact me by Skype. And I didn't know who wasn't getting through to me. NOT GOOD!

Then I called back and provided my own troubleshooting.

  • These types of emails were getting through...
  • These types weren't...
  • It started on this day...
  • Here were some commonalities...
  • Could the following issues be factors? (A, B, C, D...)

This was beyond Tier 1 so I was sent to a specialist and we talked about my observations. Finally, I brought up something that ended up as the culprit. (I seemed to be getting email from one domain but not the other.) I went to my hosting service and fixed the MX records(the email servers) for the non-working domain and the problem was resolved. Turned out, the problems would have persisted had I not done the troubleshooting because even the Tier 2 people weren't thinking along the lines I was thinking.

How might this help you? Do troubleshooting. Send test messages. Ask others to send test messages. And so on. You know more about the factors surrounding your problem than the people you are talking to. And if you do enough of this and can provide the data, you may get through to Tier 2 quickly. Oh, and I've learned this. If you ask to move to Tier 2 because Tier 1 isn't helping you, they usually will put you through. But have data and ideas, not just crankiness. There's far too much of that in the world.

~This is my own opinion. Your mileage may vary.





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