After a year of hassles, I built myself a new website


You may have noticed that my website has changed. Well, it had to. I was hosting my website using New Rainmaker and it was just too hard. Adding sidebars took hours. Changing the template for individual pages messed my content up. I found it extremely non-intuitive. (And that's what others who tried it told me as well.) I tried... and I'm technical. But after almost a year I just had to admit defeat.

Sometimes when you spend a ton of money on something, you dig in your heels and try over and over to make it work, even if it doesn't. I was stubborn. I tried for almost a year. I've hand-coded websites. Tweaked code. Built online instruction. Done advanced statistics for goodness sakes! But it beat me good.

It was a rough year. I used somebody on Rainmaker's website to help me. That somebody changed my logo (WTH?) and color palette and then yelled at me when I questioned that and other things. I asked the Rainmaker folks to help me with  this... somebody. Nope. Then the... somebody sent me lawsuit papers because I asked for completion of my site.

I have chronic migraines and constant aggravation is an issue. So after using a tool that was just too hard, working with somebody who was incredibly challenging, I admitted defeat. (And I learned a lot about listening to clients.)

This site was built with Shopify in about a week, by me (with a bit of help here and there). Shopify is easy (I do have decent technical skills). When I called Shopify to ask a quick question, they answered it immediately and gave me extra information to help me out. (Rainmaker only answered questions by email. Often they're fast. Sometimes not.) Shopify is far cheaper than Rainmaker and hooks up to all the things I wanted to use on Rainmaker but couldn't.

In case this isn't obvious, this is my opinion. Got questions? Ask me. 

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