Clearing your (brain’s) buffer


Crowded terminalHave you ever felt like you cannot think about an important issue because your brain is simply too filled with other things? For example, You need to get those vegetable plants planted and power-wash the deck. Call Margie and John (who you don’t want to call back because you didn’t finish his estimate). You’re worried about the upcoming meeting with your boss. Figure out what to make or bring for the picnic.

And do things like this keep you from sleeping? You may hear a disc in your head turn on and all the things you’ve been worrying or thinking about start yakking to you.

There’s a Clear-Your-Buffer technique that works really well for getting these things out of your head so you can better focus on what you need to work on. Or if you need to sleep, you can get it out of your head and go to sleep.

  1. Make a list with three columns something like this: NOW –  LATER – PROBABLY NOT.

  2. List the things on your mind into the three categories.

  3. Put things that need to be done now (or tomorrow) in the first column. List things that don’t need to be done right now in the second column and put a date on them if you can. Tear off the column on the right. Now you can focus or get to sleep.

Now - Later - Probably Not

This technique helps me clear my mind when my mind is too full. (That happens often.)

In my book, Be the (Best) Boss of You, I discuss how to make sure you are getting the most important things done. Those are the things that make your life turn out well.  Too many people forget to make the most important things in life a priority. And that rarely turns out well.

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